Where to watch the World Cup in Jerusalem

The world’s greatest football event is here again and this time Russia is the country where the best teams on the planet will battle it out to be global football champions. And all you want to know is where can I see World Cup in Jerusalem? Who is showing them?

Fortunately for football fans in Israel’s capital city there are plenty of great places to watch World Cup matches whilst enjoying fantastic food and drink, hanging out with friends, meeting new people and savouring the unique and lively atmosphere of one of the world’s biggest and most watched sporting events.

The Jerusalem List is delighted to promote 7 awesome bars and pubs in the heart of the city who are screening the World Cup games! Please check out our video:

Here are the places featured in our video who are all showing World Cup games

Mike’s Place, 33 Jaffa St

Blaze Sports & Rock Bar, 23 Hillel St

Soho Pub, 1 Yosef Rivlin St

Tel Aviv Kitchen & Beer, 2 Shimon Ben Shatach St

The Barrel Pub, 33 Hillel St

R & R Diner, 33 Jaffa St

Dublin Irish Pub, 4 Shamai St

We hope you enjoy the World Cup!

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