What is Poenta Boutique?

Poenta Boutique is situated in the heart of the bustling city of Jerusalem and it has a special discount for you! Opened more than two decades ago by Orit Amoyal a true Yerushalmi with a flare for good design art and creativity. Her store is a total paradise of gifts, trinkets and beautiful items it will be hard  to not purchase something. Orit is a true family person with her roots firmly planted in all things family orientated. This is where the concept of her Nelly scarves came about.

Where did Nelly scarves come from?

The Nelly scarves collection hides a family story of three generations. Orit, her sister and her mother are behind the idea. All three have a creative flare for great design and concept. Her Mom being responsible for the production of the scarves. Even the models for the scarves are Orit’s adorable nieces. The fabrics and colours are chosen with specific designs in mind, the combination of the prints and the way that each scarf is made personally will make you feel like this has been made just for you!

Nelly scarves are made in Israel in a limited supply, allowing each one to be a loving limited edition. Made of mostly chiffon these scarves need to be cared for and washed carefully by hand. Each one is it’s own story with the power of three amazing creative women behind them. Orit only has one request if you purchase one of these beautiful scarves, she hopes you enjoy wearing it as much as her and her family enjoyed making it for you.

You can find Poenta at

5 Shlomzion HaMalka St

Poenta Boutique



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