Chanukah is coming

Are you looking for new and exciting gifts to buy your kids. Feel like there’s nothing you could buy that would excite them? Well think again! We have a special deal for you if you visit GAYA and look at the amazing games, toys and puzzles you can buy. They have so much to choose from you’ll find yourself lost in the GAYA world. It’s an amazing cavern or interesting and challenging wooden toys and games, come and visit and be taken to your minds limits.

Who is GAYA?

Gaya is a hidden gem in our wonderful city. With two shops in stunning locations in Jerusalem they have a unique space in the city. Gaya is a store that specialises in challenging and engaging your mind, its hours of fun and interest for all ages and the whole family. They create amazing and interesting wooden toys, games and puzzles. You will literally be puzzled for hours on end.


With a huge selections of beautifully crafted wooden puzzles and games you’ll see why GAYA is your go to shop for interesting and unique gifts.  They have a team of engineers and craftsman thinking up new puzzles all the time, updating their endless line of fun and enjoyment.

You can find all their products on their website.

Special Deal!

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GAYA has two locations in Jerusalem one in Yoel Soloman Street and one in The First Station.

Gaya – The Art of Thinking

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